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Many extremists see Sufism as heretical, followed only by apostates.

Though no group has claimed Friday's assault, the attackers reportedly carried the banner of the Islamic State.

[Egyptian army launches air raids after at least 305 were killed country’s deadliest extremist attack] Sufi believers can be Sunni or Shiite, though the majority are Sunni.

They see Sufism less as a sect than as a way of being, a set of beliefs and practices that lead followers closer to God.

Two of their five children, both adults, have been deported to Egypt; the others, a 16-year-old girl and twin 12-year-old boys, are expected to be placed in the care of relatives in Southern California.

Her foster parents, Jenny and Chuck Hall, 36, who are expecting to finalize adoption proceedings in December, say she is adjusting well.

Ibrahim was ordered to surrender to authorities on Oct. They threatened to turn her over to authorities unless Shyima came with them to the United States as their domestic servant.

She was relegated to a 12-by-8-foot converted room in the garage and forced to sleep on a dirty, fold-up mattress.

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Followers promote values such as tolerance and pluralism.The Register is identifying her only by her first name at the request of her foster parents. Selna sentenced the pair to prison and ordered them to pay the girl more than 2,000 in restitution – the amount, plus penalties, that prosecutors calculated she would have made working seven days a week for 20 months. Immigration and Customs Enforcement took them into custody immediately after sentencing for deportation proceedings.